Belief in human beings and in sustainable local development


When the winter comes we take it as another chance to help people out. We, at SSA S/A promote a warm clothing gathering and distribute it to ease the cold for people who don’t have appropriate clothing. It’s a simple gesture but our hearts become warmer too.

This is a goodwill annual campaign for banquets and winter clothing encompassing our company, local shops and businesses, partner companies and the community. All the pieces are donated to local assistance institutions and to lower classes families from the regions where our facilities are located.


We have a library exclusively for our collaborator. The user have all out access to information and is able to improve their learning. The library is a partnership with SESI – a social Brazilian industry foment and educational institution. There is Digital Inclusion programs, workshops like “Learning to Click”, “Excel for beginners and advanced”. The digital library is prepared to fill in gaps on education and learning, with incentive programs for reading practice and research.

There are more than 300 titles available and schedules are flexible. All rooms are accessible and technology is at hand.


SSA S/A assumes the mission to develop local communities around our facilities. The city of Itaberaí, like almost every district in Brazil has their number of poor and needy families. This is why we have created the project Sopa Solidária SuperFrango. It is an annual effort to bring forth social issues for our partners and community – mainly the business areas – to help people in need. The goal is to build a better future by means of positive changes.

We understand the need to go beyond our Industrial Park and lead the incentives for a better social environment on the regions SSA S/A is present.


The SuperFrango Cup puts our collaborators, their families, educational institutions and a broader range of city dwellers in the heat of sports and for a better, happier and healthy life. SuperFrango Cup trusts on small court soccer, beach volleyball and chess to make interaction between people and sports an important element for life.

SSA S/A understands the necessity to cross their business borders and into sports activity for thousands of collaborators.

In return for the Cup, SSA S/A has more pleasure and happiness from their collaborators at work and business, a new bond of trust that stimulates and develops creativity for the daily work.


To create ties and stimulate the development of everyone involved. It is part of our mission.

We believe human beings are the biggest company asset.

To understand and fulfill the customers’ needs through sustainable products.

Broiler chicken producers and the social point of view

Creating sustainable development and improving living standards for the involved areas and make them conscious of their role is our goal.

Our brand and the social point of view

To go beyond the products and integrate consumers in a sustainable way of life.

The tireless search for quality in ways that improve everyone’s lives.

Assuring that our products are made under the most rigorous sustainability policy.

SSA and the community

We spare no efforts to create actions and projects to integrate the community with social responsibility and local development.